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Danny Alex - VivaVuva CEO

A one on one conversation with VivaVuva Founder and CEO, Danny Alex

If you were to describe VivaVuva in terms of what it is as a women's fashion brand, how would you do so?

I have always looked at women's fashion as an emotional experience for a woman depending on how she is feeling at the time and just as important, how she wants the world around her to feel about her based on how she looks and what is wearing.  VivaVuva is about capturing and embolding the style, attitude and emotion that a woman wants to create with her fashion.  VivaVuva is about being and feeling sexy and I mean "sexy" in all of its forms.  Sexy means that we are attracting the world to us and the "sexy" comes in as many variations as there are women.  Thats really what VivaVuva is ... it is about women's clothing that can bring out the very essence of a woman to make her feel strong, confident and sexy.

Thats interesting because most people have a simplistic view of the word "sexy".

Thats true.  I am not sure that its so much people as it is a societal simplistic stereotype.  The fact is that "sexy" has more to do with what how a woman is projecting herself and fashion, more than anything else,  gives a woman that overall feeling of herself ... it set her mood.  A woman can be incredibly sexy in a cute blazer, basic black pants as she is in a gorgeous cocktail dress or even comfy wear on a Sunday afternoon.  Sexy is a state on mind, a state of being and when a woman combines the right fashion with her overall color and style to reflect her mood then magic can happen.

So how do you choose the fashion styles for VivaVuva?

I think its important never to close your mind to all available styles, colors, fabrics and textures in creating and choosing VivaVuva's selection of women's fashion.  All women are individuals and having that wide selection of clothing styles that can transcend moods, emotions and whatever the occasion maybe, is so very important in choosing the women's apparel for VivaVuva.  What is an amazing piece of women's clothing to one woman may not be the same to another.  Understanding that women have different body types, skin tones and overall personalities is critical in selecting the women's fashion pieces for VivaVuva.  I love looks that visually inspire, looks that compliment the face, body type and demeanor of a woman.  When I look at a particular women's fashion piece, it needs to immediately inspire me.  If I do not get that immediate excitement for the piece then its probably not going to be in VivaVuva's collection.

You always say that "Fashion is about reinventing yourself every day.", can you explain that a little?

Women have an incredible number of fashion choices and sometimes just adding a new women's top or sexy dress to your wardrobe can open up a whole new side of who a woman is.  Reivention is essence of individuality and every morning gives a new opportunity to create a new you.  Whether its mixing and matching your existing women's fashion wardrobe or adding new pieces, the very act of creating new fashion looks allows a woman to reinvent who she is from an emotional standpoint as well as how she perceives herself and of course, the world around her.  A woman can make a huge impact on her life and how people perceive her through the fashion she wears.  Fashion is reinvention and every new morning, every new occasion or event gives a woman a chance to reinvent herself.  Fashion is perhaps the most powerful element in forming a woman's identity and a woman should never miss the opportunities that fashion present to continually create a new and exciting person looking back at her in the mirror.

So what kinds of fashion looks inspire you when you see a woman?

A woman can look as amazing to me dressed in a plush oversized sweater and basic black leggings as she does in a gorgeous black cocktail dress and heels.  There are so many fashion looks that catch my eye and the fact is, when a women wears the right outfit at the right time for her body type and complection then it is going to grab my attention.  The first rule is that there should be no rules but there are styles that may look amazing on one woman and not so much on another.  This is the individual nature of women's fashion.  I love a sassy and sexy jumpsuits as much as I love a woman who stuns in a pair of denim jeans, tank top and leather jacket.  VivaVuva looks to capture that amazing diversity in women through fashion that inspires.

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